Beard & Hair Oil - 857

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Predige beard & hair oil is a treatment designed for facial hair, which is thicker than hair. It is composed of rare and quality oils (sweet almond, argan, apricot) and essential oils, specially selected and which nourish from the roots to the tips, making your beard softer, silkier and easier to maintain.

Also suitable for short or long hair, for men or women, giving them a shiny, supple and vigorous appearance.

30 ml
Exclusif Homme

After your usual care, apply a few drops in the palm of your hand and massage lightly into the beard to distribute the oil and nourish the hair and skin.

Also ideal for hair:

- in daily use, a few drops are enough for a healthy scalp and to detangle, soften and shine your hair
- as a treatment for damaged hair:

  1. put a little oil in your hands and apply enough oil to spread with a comb all over the hair
  2. leave on for 10 to 15 minutes
  3. wash your hair with a mild shampoo or shower gel
  4. dry your hair gently (avoid using the hair dryer on the heat setting)
  5. optional: apply and distribute a few more drops of oil with your hand or a comb for a shiny effect

Your hair will remain shiny, soft and supple, with a pleasant fruity scent

Note: this product is suitable for oily hair. Simply apply the product without massaging the scalp

Care protocol


  1. Face Cleansing Gel Ref. 851 or Shower Gel Exclusif Ref. 856
  2. -> With shaving: Shaving Gel Extreme Precision Ref. 858 and After Shave Balm Ref. 855
  3. -> Without shaving: Beard Oil Ref. 857
  4. (Morning &/or evening) Anti-Age Eye Contour Gel-Cream Exclusif Ref. 860
  5. Hydro-Vitalising Active Day & Night Ref. 853


  1. Face Cleansing Gel Ref. 851 or Shower Gel Exclusif Ref. 856
  2. (Morning &/or evening) Anti-Age Eye Contour Gel-Cream Exclusif Ref. 860
  3. Hydro-Vitalising Active Day & Night Ref. 853 or Restructuring Active Night (for dry skin) Ref. 854

Special care:

  1. Everyday: Shower Gel Exclusif, gentle and moisturising, for face, hair and body Ref. 856
  2. (1 to 2 times a month) Exfoliating Gel Ref. 852, always followed by the Face Mask Exclusif Ref. 859
  3. (1 time a week) Face Mask Exclusif Ref. 859
  4. (1 time a week, in case of acneic skin) Rare Clay Mask Ref. 961 on pimples and more oily areas
  5. Everyday. Tip: the Beard oil Ref. 857 can also be used on the hair, giving it a shiny, soft appearance. In case of oily hair, apply the oil without massaging the scalp

Why use a complete product line?

Since 1978, Predige has offered complete product lines, by skin type, for several reasons:

  • Use the most suitable combinations of active ingredients, depending on the skin type. For example, mature skin will need more hydration than young skin, which is likely to produce excess sebum. Each active ingredient is selected and tested to provide a specific action for each skin type
  • Maximise the effects of the active ingredients. We use the same basic active ingredients in all the products of the same line, which allows us to accentuate their effects
  • Avoiding harmful interactions between active ingredients in different products
  • Avoid mixing fragrances between different products. Predige products in the same line have the same subtle smell because they use the same active ingredients, essential oils or fragrances

Caprylic triglyceride: neutral oil, helps rebalance irritated skin,
Sweet almond oil: powerful antioxidant, moisturizer, softens and nourishes the skin
Argan oil: very rich in vitamin E, antioxidant, anti-aging action, improves healing
Sweet orange peel essential oil: to perfume, tone and firm
Apricot kernel oil: Light, fast penetrating oil. Suitable for demanding skin
Vitamin E: acts as a powerful antioxidant that protects and renews cells. Anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturizing


* citrus essential oil

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Douceur et hydratation

Cette huile à barbe favorise la pousse de la barbe en prévenant les boutons, les irritations et les démangeaison. Douceur, hydratation et confort. Une nouveauté exceptionnelle à découvrir absolument.... sans parler des senteurs d'agrumes ... je recommande !

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