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Our Commitments

Committed to excellence and continuous development,
our passion is to offer you the best.

Predige and Kaizen: For cosmetic excellence
In an ever-changing world, the pursuit of excellence is a perpetual quest. At Predige, we firmly believe in the Kaizen philosophy, a Japanese principle of continuous improvement on a daily basis, which guides our efforts to offer our customers the highest quality cosmetics.

What is Kaizen?
The term Kaizen, derived from the Japanese words “kai” (change) and “zen” (good), literally translates as “change for the better”. It is a systematic approach to constantly improving processes, products and performance in all aspects of the company. Kaizen is based on the idea that small, continuous changes can lead to significant improvements over the long term.


We have integrated the Kaizen principle into our corporate culture to create innovative, effective and healthy cosmetics that meet our customers' needs while preserving the environment. Here's how we apply Kaizen in our company:

1. Continuous Research and Development
We invest in research and development to discover new, healthier and more effective formulas and ingredients. Using the latest scientific advances and in collaboration with several laboratories, we strive to constantly innovate to offer cutting-edge cosmetic products.

2. Ethical choices and strong values
Since its creation in 1978, Predige has made strong choices, notably to ban animal testing, to offer only vegan formulas and to refuse the use of certain ingredients that may be inexpensive but do not correspond to our choice to create healthy cosmetics. For example, long before the competition, we refused to use mineral oils in our formulas. This approach has continued ever since, with the elimination of ethyl alcohol, silicone, PEGs, phenoxyethanol, octocrylene... and over 400 substances which are authorized but which we refuse to use. Finally, as Predige is a family-run business, our choices are not dictated by shareholders and are made with the long term in mind.

3. Listening to customers
Customer feedback is very important to us. We regularly gather their opinions and suggestions to understand their needs and concerns. By taking their feedback into account, we adapt our products and processes to serve them better.

4. Production Process Optimization
We constantly strive to optimize our production processes to reduce waste, minimize our environmental footprint and guarantee the consistent quality of our products. We use techniques such as supply chain management, just-in-time manufacturing and waste reduction to improve our operational efficiency.

5. Commitment to Sustainability
We are committed to environmental sustainability, within the limits imposed by legislation. It's worth noting that some packaging is mandatory, so we do our best to comply with the laws of each country.

6. Training and Development
We invest heavily in IT, training and staff development to contribute to the continuous improvement of our processes.

7. The right price
Quality comes at a price. Choosing healthy ingredients, producing all our cosmetics in Switzerland and complying with international standards all come at a price. It's becoming commonplace to find cosmetics for €5? If we deduct the price of the jar, the printing, the trip from Asia, the raw materials... what do you think you'll buy and what's left over for research, controls, manufacturing and labor?

8. Humility
We don't always get it right the first time, and let's face it... the first try is rarely a success. However, through research and innovation, collaboration and perseverance, we've been improving our products again and again for over 45 years.

Many of our customers have been using Predige products under the “Les Naturelles” and “Exclusif Homme” brands for decades. We're grateful, proud, and look forward to serving you for many years to come.


At Predige, the Kaizen principle is more than just a philosophy, it's a commitment to excellence and innovation. By applying continuous improvement to every aspect of our business, we strive to create cosmetics that exceed our customers' expectations. In this spirit, we are determined to shape a future where beauty rhymes with health and sustainability.