Welcome to Predige

Your beauty, our passion: Welcome to the world of our brand!

Since 1978, Predige SA® has been based in the heart of Europe, in Switzerland, benefiting from a world-renowned scientific environment. Driven by a relentless commitment to excellence, our company stands out for its professionalism and unrivalled efficiency.
From the outset, the brand has been committed to becoming a benchmark in skin diagnostics. It has continually invested in the latest technologies to offer its customers the best possible advice and service. Our Diagnostic Skin center, accessible to brand partners, has been a privileged witness to this constant evolution of skin diagnostic technologies over the years. We persist in our quest and investment to remain at the cutting edge of technology in this field, with the aim of offering the best possible customer experience.

Our mission is threefold to:

  1. Create and offer cutting-edge cosmetic products, tailor-made to meet the unique needs of each skin type.
  2. Train a network of partners to offer superior product advice, customized for every individual and every budget.
  3. Continously improve our four product lines :
  • « Les NaturellesTM»: Exclusively designed, developed, tested and packaged in Switzerland, these products respond to every woman's desire for well-being.
  • « Exclusif HommeTM »: Also designed, developed, tested and packaged in Switzerland, these cosmetics meet the specific needs of the modern man.
  • « Les Naturelles | Exclusif Homme Pro»: Intended for institutes, hotels and SPAs, these products from the professional range are exclusively Swiss and meet the highest standards, and are tailored to the needs of professionals.
  • « Predige du Monde »: With quality and safety in mind, we have carefully selected "accessory" products from countries with specific know-how, to complement our expertise. These products, chosen from among the best in their field, undergo rigorous testing.

Our offices in Renens, Switzerland: