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Complete Ceramides line - 7700

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Minimises the risk of allergies, thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

  • 701: Cleansing Milk with Ceramides
  • 702: Sensitive Tonic
  • 703: Day Cream with Ceramides
  • 704: Night Cream with Ceramides
  • 705: Mask with Ceramides
  • 707: Gatuline R activator Complex
Sensitive skin
Les Naturelles
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A proportion of the population has sensitive skin, which can easily become irritated and develop an allergic reaction to certain substances (antigens). This is usually due to an abnormal functioning of the body's immune system and takes the form of contact allergy or photosensitisation. The substances responsible for triggering an allergic reaction are extremely varied and can have different origins. Although it is not possible to establish very precise rules, the investigations carried out by PREDIGE in this field have led to the development of a cosmetic range that allows the risks of allergy to be kept to a minimum. This is achieved with the help of state-of-the-art technologies, particularly in the choice of ingredients, formulation techniques and manufacturing methods.

Why use a complete product line?

Since 1978, Predige has offered complete product lines, by skin type, for several reasons:

  • Use the most suitable combinations of active ingredients, depending on the skin type. For example, mature skin will need more hydration than young skin, which is likely to produce excess sebum. Each active ingredient is selected and tested to provide a specific action for each skin type
  • Maximise the effects of the active ingredients. We use the same basic active ingredients in all the products of the same line, which allows us to accentuate their effects
  • Avoiding harmful interactions between active ingredients in different products
  • Avoid mixing fragrances between different products. Predige products in the same line have the same subtle smell because they use the same active ingredients, essential oils or fragrances

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