Razor - A304

36.00 CHF
5/ 5
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A high quality razor at a low price:

  • 5-blade razor with lubricating strip
  • Comes ready to use with 5-blade head and storage stand
  • Soft micro blades guide straightens the hair before cutting
  • Stainless steel body and base for hygiene
Predige du monde

A quality product, in an elegant packaging to give as a gift or to treat yourself. For an efficient shave thanks to its 5 blades and a smooth shave with its lubricating strip.


For a smooth shaving experience, apply the Shaving Gel Ref. 858 to dry skin (also suitable for wet skin but not necessary) and shave in the direction of the hair (from top to bottom on the face).

The transparent, antibacterial and soothing Shaving Gel Ref. 858 allows for an extremely precise shave. However, if you want to see where you put the gel, just wet the skin a little and rub gently, in contact with water, the gel becomes white and visible, without losing its gliding qualities. Rinse the razor with lukewarm or cold water to remove the hair stuck between the blades. The Shaving Gel Ref. 858 has been specially designed for easy rinsing.

After shaving, you can simply rinse and dry your face before applying the antibacterial and moisturizing After Shave Balm Ref. 855.


Apply the Shaving Gel Ref. 858 to dry or wet skin. Shave in the direction of the hair, rinsing the razor with lukewarm or cold water to remove the hair stuck between the blades. The Shaving Gel Ref. 858 has been specially designed for easy rinsing. Add a little more Shaving Gel if you shave repeatedly in the same place.

After shaving, quickly rinse and dry the skin before applying the Soothing Balm After Wax/Laser/Shave Ref. 973. Under the armpits, you can replace the Soothing Balm with the Deodorant Ref. 975 which will soothe the skin while preventing bad odours.

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Super le socle, ça évite que le rasoir soit n'importe ou. Les lames sont excellentes et le rasoir est agréable, il ne fait pas plastique. Surpris en bien par ce produit!


beau et efficace

Très beau rasoir, avec son socle en inox. Tête à 5 lames permettant un rasage de près. Livré dans une jolie boîte, ce rasoir fait son effet.

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