Set Innovation Cleanser Pro - A9971

91.20 CHF
5/ 5
VAT included

A new concept in deep skin cleansing.

  • For a radiant complexion 
  • Refines the skin texture

Brightens the complexion, refines skin texture and reduces pore size. The Innovation Cleanser revolutionizes skin cleansing. Using the Innovation Cleanser guarantees 7 to 10 times more efficiency than conventional manual cleansing. Can be used every day.

Delivered with:

  • the brush Innovation Cleanser A8550
  • the soft synthetic bristle brush A8555
  • the silicone brush Ref. A8556
  • The Secret Cleanser soft cleanser, Ref. 971, specially developed to be used with this brush. It helps to clean your skin deeply, without attacking it.

    Requires 2 x 1.5V AA batteries not included.

    Note: this brush can be used in the shower, there is no electrical risk, but please avoid getting the battery compartment wet. If this happens, please dry the contacts to avoid rusting.

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